Welcome, Ella!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ella Mathie to the team here at McArthur Dean!
Ella is taking her Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Standard with us and has settled in exceptionally well with the rest of her colleagues. We caught up with Ella to ask how she became an apprentice and why she chose McArthur Dean to start her new career:
“After school I always wanted to go down the apprenticeship route. However, I thought I would give sixth form a shot, but when this didn’t work out for me, I knew I had to start my hunt for an apprenticeship. This is when I came across McArthur Dean. They got recommended to me by a friend of mine, so I looked at their website. I was looking through their great social media when I stumbled across an apprenticeship I liked the look of, so I applied.
Within 24 hours of me applying I had a phone call inviting me for an interview, everything was explained to me so clearly and I was made to feel so comfortable. I didn’t stress about the interview as I knew what to expect when McArthur Dean’s lovely team guided me along the process. My interview was a truly lovely experience, I was met with a welcoming face on my screen and a lovely greeting.
Less than 24 hours later I was contacted about a potential job and I snatched up the opportunity. McArthur Dean’s great team guided me through the whole process and made it much more enjoyable for me and more importantly helped me get the apprenticeship!
Now I am in the job I am loving it; I am learning great skills and all the while earning too! From the start to where I am now it has been an all-round incredible journey and I couldn’t have done it without McArthur Dean.”
Thank you for that Ella and well done for fitting in so well here at McArthur Dean. We are delighted that you are enjoying your Apprenticeship and long may that continue!
If you are interested in the Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship programmes and would like more details, why not contact us:
✉️ Julie (julie@mcarthurdean.co.uk)
📞 01482 210093
ℹ️ www.mcarthurdean.co.uk
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