Our partnership with S. Smith & Co 🤝

Here at McArthur Dean, we have been able to develop a number of important partnerships with local employers in the Humber region. One such partnership has been with S. Smith & Co, who are a top accountancy practice based in Scunthorpe. We value the excellent working relationship we have with S. Smith & Co. and are delighted that this view is shared by Managing Director, Natalie Lynskey, who recently told us:
‘Over the past five years, we have built a fantastic relationship with McArthur Dean. Our learners have received exceptional training and continued support, to help them achieve their financial qualifications. We look forward to continuing to work together, to achieve more future success for our employees and assist with our business growth.’
Thank you for those fabulous comments, Natalie, which are very much appreciated and echoed by Sandie Gifford, our General Manager, who stated:
‘It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with S. Smith and Co to support their staff through their accountancy qualifications and progression in their finance career. We look forward to continuing and developing this partnership’.
If you are looking to develop your business and have staff who would benefit from further training, please contact us:
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📞 01482 210093
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