In focus… with Natalie Justice

Qualification: Level 4 Business and Administration Apprenticeship Framework

Employer: North East Lincolnshire Council

Job title: Business Support Officer

How has the pandemic impacted on your job and life?

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been able to work from home and have seen increased benefits from doing so. With the time I’ve gained from not having a commute, I feel like I have a much more positive work-life balance and I can actually do more things that I wouldn’t normally have time to do. I’m able to do all elements of my job from home and can easily interact with colleagues through Microsoft Teams. I know that they are always there to talk to if I have any issues.

Why did you choose McArthur Dean?

I had a couple of providers to pick from but chose McArthur Dean because I was told there were several people in the Council who they were already working with and they were very much recommended. I had also spoken to a colleague who was completing the same qualification before I decided to do it, and she said the process seemed very straightforward with McArthur Dean.

What support have you had throughout the pandemic from McArthur Dean to ensure you still continue with your learning?

I have remotely had meetings with my assessor, as frequently as we would if they had been face-to-face. She checked in with me each time to make sure I was still able to work effectively and asked how I was feeling. I haven’t felt the need for additional support, but it was reassuring to know that my assessor was easily contactable if I did need anything.

How do you find your training sessions…. are they interesting and informative?

The meetings are relatively straightforward, but only because my assessor informed me of what unit will be covered in the discussions next time, so I was always able to prepare work and evidence around that. I enjoyed being able to discuss the work I’ve been doing and the projects I was involved with. In terms of the units themselves, I learnt a lot. Particularly when researching different theories and methodologies. It was interesting to be able to analyse my own organisation and the way it works.

How do you get feedback?

Either through the regular meetings or by email.

Would you recommend McArthur Dean to others?

Yes, definitely. I’ve found the whole experience easy to understand and explained well. I didn’t encounter any major issues along the way, but I was confident my assessor would have been there to respond quickly if needed.


We are so pleased about your experience, Natalie and thank you for your positive words.

If you are interested in the Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship programmes and would like more details, why not contact Julie ( or Sue ( now, or call them on 01482 210093.

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