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We always like to keep in close contact with our employers as we look to develop the Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship programmes in the region. We are proud to say that we have worked closely with Mason Baggott and Garton Solicitors for many years and have helped to provide them with talented young people drawn from the area. Regan Duffus recently joined the company through the Pre-Apprenticeship programme and has worked hard at his placement and fitted in well with the Scunthorpe team. We recently spoke to Tim Bartlett, who is one of the Practice Managers at Mason Baggott and Garton Solicitors and this is what Tim had to say:
‘We are really pleased with Regan’s progress. Mason Baggott and Garton Solicitors have been working together with McArthur Dean for 8 years. That partnership has provided our firm with the young talent that is needed to refresh, invigorate and grow with us. Many of those young staff are still with us today having progressed within their role.
One example is Regan Duffus, who is McArthur Dean’s ‘star of the month’ and our most recent candidate on the Pre- Apprenticeship programme. Regan is now in his 5th week, and in that time he has grown in confidence and skills and is working as part of conveyancing team at Scunthorpe. He has made a bright start and already feels very much part of the team.
We are sure the relationship we have built with McArthur Dean will continue to thrive, so that the young people of the local area have opportunities to grow, develop and flourish as individuals both inside, and outside, of the workplace.’
Thank you for those positive comments, Tim. We are pleased that Regan has made a good impression with your company, and he has been given such an excellent opportunity to gain more work experience and develop the key skills needed by a high-profile organisation such as Mason Baggott and Garton Solicitors. If you are interested in the Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship programmes, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your training needs. why not contact us:
✉️ Julie (julie@mcarthurdean.co.uk)
📞 01482 210093
ℹ️ www.mcarthurdean.co.uk
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