Apprenticeship Levy

Changes to the system and how it could affect your business

The government has recently announced a number of reforms to the Apprenticeship programme, which could have an impact on your business.

A key element of the reforms will be the introduction of a new
tax in the UK, which will be knownfiles as the Apprenticeship Levy.  The Levy has been created to help the government achieve its objective of 3 million Apprenticeship starts by the year 2020.

Not all businesses will pay the Levy, in fact only some 2% of all businesses in the UK will have to pay it.  However, if your business is not required to pay the Levy but you are still looking to recruit new Apprentices, or enrol some of your existing members of staff to the Apprenticeship programme, there are changes you will need to be aware of.

Whilst the new reforms signal significant changes for any employer looking to recruit new or existing staff to the Apprenticeship programme from May 2017, any starts to the Apprenticeship programme up to and including the 30th April 2017 will enjoy the current levels of funding.

Our promise to you...

As always, McArthur Dean will provide a comprehensive support and guidance service to both Levy payers and Non Levy payers at no cost;

Our team will be able to consider your needs and provide you with a free training needs analysis designed in order to meet your requirements in a cost effective manner;

You will receive a free recruitment, selection and matching service, which will help you to find the right person to fill the vacancy available;

Your staff will receive quality training, which will deliver the high achievement rates our company is renowned for.