Case Study | Jade & Chloe Elsom

Jade and Chloe are a super-sister team that both work for a company called Gentil Sayre Ltd, who sell candle creating materials, including moulds, dyes and other specialist products. Matt caught up with them this month to learn more about their time on the Apprenticeship Programme.

Jade started with the company over six years ago, initially looking after administrative functions after previously completing her Levels 2 and 3 Business Administration with another company. Then in 2014 she began studying towards her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Management to help expand her job role. “I was initially looking to progress onto a Level 4 Apprenticeship in Business Administration but unfortunately at the time it was not available, so I did the Management qualification instead. I’m really glad that I did because it gave me a lot more confidence in a wider range or areas. I am now a Manager and have a lot more responsibilities, including health and safety, looking at KPIs and getting involved with staff appraisals.”

Chloe & Jade Elsom

Jade is now well on her way with her Level 4 Apprenticeship in Business Administration and is so far enjoying the experience: “I think Apprenticeships are a great opportunity, not just for people starting their careers, but also for those who are already working and want to gain more qualifications. If I was given the choice of doing what I’ve done again, or going to college and university, I would definitely stick with the Apprenticeship. You have the potential to get up to the same level of education but you gain all the experience too, along with good career prospects, and you have no student debt over your head!”

Chloe, who is Jade’s younger sister, began working for the company as soon as she left school in 2014 and had always seen herself following in her big sister’s footsteps. “I didn’t really see myself going to college and with Jade doing her Apprenticeships and getting on really well, becoming more independent and earning money, I thought that would be the best route for me too.” Chloe works on the reception, as well as helping in the warehouse, and has completed both her Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships in Business Administration. She is now looking at undertaking either the Level 4 qualification, or the Level 3 in Customer Service to broaden her knowledge.

She also feels the Apprenticeships are good opportunity and would definitely recommend them: “The main benefit really would be the experience you gain. I found that school doesn’t really prepare you for the real world and get you ‘work ready’, but the Apprenticeship lets you get the experience and supports you in the workplace.”

Brook Jones, Jade and Chloe Elsom, Tom Dykes

Along with Chloe and Jade, Gentil Sayre have also recruited Tom Dykes  who initially started on the Traineeship before progressing onto and completing the Apprenticeships in Business Administration Level 2 and Customer Service Level 3. They have also continued to train existing staff, with Brook Jones  undertaking an Apprenticeship in Team Leading.


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