Case Study | Louise Bolt

My Journey with McArthur Dean

Louise Bolt

I never took school seriously and left with disappointing grades. I tried college and found it wasn’t for me, because of this I ended up staying out of work. I never thought of my future. My friends around me where getting jobs and earning their own money, but by this point my self-esteem had dropped, I had no confidence in myself to do anything. I thought, if my friends who have better qualifications than me are struggling to find a job then how would I? I was in a rut.

I found McArthur Dean through searching for jobs within the area. I had applied for an Apprenticeship and in response McArthur Dean had got in contact with me and said they would like me to go in to the office. I was sceptical.   I was a lot older than everyone else, I was 19, a couple months off 20 years old. I didn’t have high hopes.

My initial meeting was with Julie Curtis in the Business Development Team.  Julie recognised the fact that I had limited qualifications, lacked confidence and was in a bit of a rut.  However, she also saw the abilities that I had.   She offered me a place on the Traineeship, which was a 16 week programme where I could gain work experience with a local company.  During this time, I would be able to learn and gain new skills.  At the same time, McArthur Dean would try to find me long-term employment.

During this, I would also go to training sessions at the McArthur Dean training centre. My tutor, Michelle, was the biggest guidance and support system for me throughout this time. I would go for job interviews and I wouldn’t want to know whether I had got the job or not. I just didn’t believe in myself. Michelle worked with me on my confidence and knowledge of the work place. I saw her every week, which made it easy for me to talk to her every time I lost faith in myself.

At one point, I had given up. It showed in my work and my presence in class. I was always late. However, when I was at work, I would always work hard.  But Julie saw the signs and helped to pick me back up again. All she asked was that I continue to want this and work towards it and she would help me to achieve my goal.

During the last week of my Traineeship, I received a call from Julie asking me if I would like to attend an interview at Pepperells Solicitors.  Julie boosted my confidence and had faith in me but I still panicked .….. It is so professional!…. Am I good enough? Before my interview, Michelle gave me a pep talk, which gave me confidence to actually attend the interview and I am extremely pleased she did!  I got the job and have now been working at Pepperells for the last 8 months on my Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship.

The experience I have gained from McArthur Dean has taught me many things.  It has shown me to work through it all when things get difficult and that if you work hard, eventually you will achieve your goal.  However, the biggest lesson for me has been ‘Don’t be late!’.  I have matured and grown. I don’t suffer with anxiety anymore and I love my job. I started on reception and I have already been given more responsibility in the workplace and have moved on to our Family Department as a personal secretary.

Throughout my Apprenticeship I have my assessor Sarah who always empowers me at the visits, she gives you as much time as I need and motivates me when I need it.

I can now see my potential thanks to McArthur Dean.


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